Visitors Evaluate the Tours

Phone numbers of these visitors: supplied on request

From M.G. July 2016

I am recently back from an absolutely fantastic trip to Ukraine.  Thanks to Sandra, Tania, Ben and Stepan for their care and attention.  Ukraine is a beautiful country, with welcoming and generous people, delicious food, interesting architecture and a lot of history.  The tour provided a wonderful cultural experience; visits to schools and churches, walking tours through historic and UNESCO sites; drives through the countryside; music and dancing; and, shopping. 


The itinerary was excellent and provides a broad Ukrainian experience. The regions around Lviv and Kyiv are very different from one another, and these two cities provided an experience that is unlike what the other tour stops offered.  The diversity of experiences and tours that were arranged in each of the stops made for a very interesting trip.  The local guides were all excellent – they were easy to understand and very knowledgeable about and proud of the cities they were discussing.  I was unaware of Yaremche prior to this trip and was very happy we were able to make this stop in the mountains.  There were many opportunities to shop in kiosks and small markets, which I also found very enjoyable.     

 I cannot say enough good things about the food.  Meals were all excellent and food was plentiful, with different items offered throughout the trip so we could experience a real taste of Ukraine.  Even recognizing that standards in Europe are different from North America, we had no concerns with hotels.


I was very fortunate in being able to visit all five villages my ancestors came from.  Seeing the different villages, and spending time with family I did not previously know I had in Ukraine was a special experience and Tania did a wonderful job of paying attention to all the details in arranging this for us. The local driver provided was very good.  Having this option as something that can be arranged as part of the trip was greatly appreciated since I would not have been able to do this on my own.


I enjoy re-living the trip each time I have an opportunity to talk about the experience and the many, many photographs I took with friends and family,  I will definitely will visit Ukraine again


From: B.C. September 2016

This Tour to Ukraine was a most interesting, enjoyable and satisfying experience.

The country is beautiful.

The people of Ukraine are industrious, warm and friendly with a very rich cultural background which they have managed to maintain through a turbulent political history over many years.

All the places we visited where very interesting and the local guides were verrrrry informative.

Ben, Tania and Stefan all contributed greatly to the success of the tour.

Tania always had every stop well organized.

Stefan, without exception, met and dropped us off where we were supposed to be when we were supposed to be there.

We were always met by a friendly, helpful people at hotels, restaurants and venues, where ever we went.

The hotels were spacious, clean and comfortable affording a welcome home at the end of each day.

The food was plentiful, varied and always DELICIOUS.

I was anticipating authentic cuisine (not cuisine designed to appeal to the western pallet) and I was not disappointed.

I would, and have, recommended Tours to Ukraine to anyone who has expressed an interest in the country and the culture. 



From: C. Mc

Once again I want to tell you how much I enjoyed our trip to Ukraine. It exceeded my expectations. It took me awhile to get over the jet lag, but all is well now. I enjoyed every aspect of the tour and the weather certainly co-operated. I can not pick out one thing I enjoyed more than another, but the meeting of my father's family had to top the list. We met 9 first cousins which we are now staying in touch with. The food was excellent, although there was too much, ha ha. I haven't Ukrainian danced in about 20 years, so dancing with Stepan was very enjoyable. Dancing is my passion so that was great. Ukrainian music and dance is in my blood always. If you have the chance, tell Stepan I said "hello".

I have many friends now from the tour, who are staying in touch with me and maybe someday will visit. Pat is sending me all her pictures to bring home to Cape Breton in a weeks time. My family is patiently waiting to see Ukraine. I miss Ukraine very much, I felt great there. Maybe looking at another trip in 2 yrs. If Stepan wants my pics, let me know.

Thanks again for a wonderful tour. I certainly will pass on the good word about your tours. It was really great meeting you, and your staff in Ukraine. Give them my best.

Na Zdarov'ia June 2013


From J.C.

My best experiences were:

*attending the rural school and meeting the children was actually THE highlight of the trip for me. I enjoyed their concert and the children were a lovely and appreciative group.

*I loved all the small towns/villages we visited and enjoyed the Carpathian Mountains and learning more about Hutsul life.

*the music groups were all fantastic! (10/10). They offered a range of rich cultural experiences.

Peter: thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you have devoted to making this tour a memorable and safe one. You made me feel confident, gratified, and well looked after overall! I highly recommend this trip!

May, 2012


From J. & T.

Hi Peter......Ukraine was truly an outstanding trip for us. The itinerary was very well planned and executed. The tour included exceptional varied and very interesting activities.....we learned so much about the country. Our hostess was very attentive to our needs, ensuring that we were all comfortable and happy. Stefan, our personable and friendly driver couldn’t be matched for his driving skills and well maintained bus. Thanks to you Peter for making this a successful and wonderful introduction to Ukraine for us.

May, 2012


From J.P.

Hello Peter: I appreciated the balance of rural and urban, and the opportunity to see an array of significant geographical and historical sites. These exposed me to educational, cultural, religious, political, military and economic realities in Ukraine, both past and present. Reflecting on the range of what we saw and did – opera, churches, farmland, military sites, schools, shopping, museums – provided richness and texture. This was all enhanced by comments and material describing the distinctions between Eastern and Western Ukraine, and the variety of subcultures – e.g. Hutsul, Bukovynian. Thank you for carefully choosing these sites and providing the history and perspective in the written material. This was a marvelous and memorable tour. I have been deeply and positively impacted.

May, 2012


From B. and M.

Hello Peter:

After our Tour of Ukraine, we can definitely say that your tour is #1. It is a worry free vacation that was one of the most enjoyable of our lives. The ability of your staff to find some of our family and arrange transportation for us was extra special. Their work in booking the hotels and meals was extraordinary (the horilka was a great addition). The excursions were interesting and informative. Shopping must have been good because the ladies came home with very nice pieces of hand done needlework. All of these made this trip the most fulfilling of our lives.

Aug/Sept 2011


From D. & P.

Dear Peter: Our trip, with you to Ukraine was beyond our expectations. The hotel accommodations, the meals and the attention to detail was outstanding and was much appreciated. The travel arrangements to our specific villages, with the chosen drivers, was comfortable and helped to make our village experiences rewarding. Special consideration to all individuals in the tour by you and your hostess were noted. Stepan was certainly an excellent choice for bus driver. The points of interest were well chosen enabling us to get a greater perspective of the region. The information that you provided us, during the journey, enriched our learning experiences. The shopping experiences were excellent.

Thank you again for providing us with an excellent experience.

Sept 2011


From B. & R.

Hi Peter: Just wanted to say that it was a fantastic tour. Didnʼt know how much we would enjoy ourselves but we sure did once it started. It is fantastic the way the tour went. Seeing urban life and rural life is something to behold. Always heard stories about life in Ukraine (see I didnʼt say “The Ukraine”) but one has to be there and experience it to know what it is really like. The places we visited were fantastic and nothing was really rushed like on other tours we have experienced. The tourʼs hostess  was also fantastic. I would recommend this tour to anyone and if you want to use our names in future references we would gladly talk to anyone who wants to know more.

Thanks and.......“Budmo hay! budmo hay! budmo hay hay hay!!”

May 2011


From D-A C.

Peter: I was apprehensive about coming to the country of my parents’ birthplace... not knowing what to expect. May I say that today I know that the tour with you, the hostess and the bus-driver was far past my expectations. You and your staff have produced an amazing tour for us to enjoy. Such foresight and competence. Many thanks and every good wish for continued success.

May 2011


From Cheryl T.

Hello Peter,

I am still basking in the glow of our October tour. It was an outstanding adventure.... beyond my wildest dreams. I especially want to thank you and the Hostess for helping my sister and me find my grandmother's (my Baba's) village and our relatives. This was definitely the highlight of our trip. You were so helpful even before we left Canada in identifying possible villages and setting up the interpreter and driver to take us there. The tour was so well organized and thoughtful. It brought the history of the country alive for me. I especially loved visiting private homes, the dinner in the Hutsul Kolyba and the music (Ivan's Hutsul Band) and the dancing we did along the way. The stop at Stork Alley and seeing life in a village was excellent. I also can't forget the children - those who performed the folk dances and those who spoke with us in English in the Yaremche school. They were lovely.

Peter, I will have memories of the trip to last a lifetime. If there are people who are interested in talking to someone about the tour, I would be glad to talk with them. And if you want to put any of this email on your website you have my permission to do so. Thanks again. I feel more Ukrainian than ever!!

October 2010


From T.S.

“I give you and the Ukrainian Hostess high marks for a wonderful tour. For a nation that has had freedom for only 18 years, the country has come a long way in improving its image for tourists. It was a great experience to see “Life in Ukraine” for myself.

July 2010


From K.E.M.

“This was our first all-inclusive tour. It was a wonderful experience, thanks to you and to the Ukrainian Hostess. We expected churches and museums. But the great variety of other visits: farm, forts, university, Tech-college, ski resort, brewery, school, village home... was exceptional. Also, the flexibility to do the unplanned... stopping at the Memorial Service in a village as we passed through. I enjoyed Peter’s bringing history to life with his narration about the struggles of Ukraine over the years to the day of Independence.”

May 2010